So you want to bring your dog on holiday to Old Newham Farm
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Old Newham Farm Holiday Cottages

Bringing your dog on holiday

Being animal lovers, but not keeping dogs ourselves, we believe your dogs deserve a well earned holiday just as much as you and would like to extend a welcome to your pets at Old Newham Farm.
We also believe that responsible owners with one or two well behaved dogs should not incur an extra charge.
However we must also consider our other guests both at the time of your visit and those following. We must therefore ask you to not leave your dogs on their own in our cottages and ensure they do not cause unnecessary noise and disturbance.
Following visitors may be allergic to pet hairs and although our cottages receive a thorough cleaning between visits, pet hairs can be next to impossible to remove from soft furnishings, so we ask you to keep them off the furniture and not allow them in the bedrooms.

Please exercise your dogs away from our cottages and farm. There is a fenced lane 50yds from the cottages where they can be let off the lead with safety. It is really important for the health of our animals and other visitors that you clean up after your dogs. We reserve the right to charge you if we have to clean up after you dogs.

We expect you to supply all bedding, eating/drinking bowls, towels etc. your dog may require while at Old Newham.

Due to the agricultural nature and countryside location of Old Newham,there is plenty of wildlife around, so please keep your dogs under close control at all times and on a lead whilst around our yard and cottages where our ducks, hens and cats wander at will.

On a more positive note, there are plenty of country walks, both long and short, around North Cornwall for you and your dog to enjoy all through the year. While about half the beaches are dog friendly all year round, the other half have dog bans in place from April to the end of September.